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Let premium quality, handcrafted American Slate inspire you to create one-of-a-kind, signature environments. Mined from premiere quarries worldwide and selected for natural strength and dramatic beauty, American Slate tiles are made from natural stone which thrives out in the elements and is ideal for slate roofs and siding.

Why Natural Slate

Natural stone has been valued throughout the millennia for its sculptural and architectural qualities. American Slate takes pride in discovering the finest sources and bringing out the best in this remarkable building material.

Environmentally Friendly

Preserving the environment is an effort we take very seriously at American Slate: After all, the very beauty of our products is earth-given. We run our business responsibly and strive constantly to reduce our carbon footprint.

Beautifully Unique

No two pieces of our natural stone are alike: Each massive stone bears its own unique markings. Every piece reflects the personal pride of an American Slate master craftsman and has been worked by hand.

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- What makes us Distinctive -

Protecting Homes Since 1979

With more than forty years business experience and solid partnerships with over forty of the finest quarries around the world, American Slate is one of the largest and most reputable sources of natural slate, sandstone, limestone and quartzite in the United States. Founded in California in 1979, the company has grown to encompass locations across the country.

Our product selection is correspondingly broad and encompasses over sixty naturally stunning colors and textures. We maintain our industry leadership by continually searching the globe for new partners and products that inspire you with their beauty and meet your highest standards for performance. Every piece of American Slate is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

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Natural slate roofing

An American Slate roof lends distinction to any structure. With natural beauty reminiscent of the Earths great mountain ranges, each piece of our handcrafted slate is unique from its conception. Your personal touch in selecting colors, textures and sizes and arranging them into the perfect pattern ensures your American Slate roof will be one-of-a-kind. Features exceptional durability, low-maintenance, non-absorbent with no sealant required, resists staining & acid rain for long-lasting beauty, discourages the growth of moss, algae & fungi, naturally eco-friendly, eligible for American Slates limited 75-year warranty.

- Natural Slate Advantages -

Slate is a natural material. It has incredible innate characteristics which makes natural slate the best roofing material known to man. It has a lifespan of more than 100 years and once installed it requires no maintenance and can consistently perform against extreme weather conditions.

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    The production process is highly efficient, and it does not use any chemicals.

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    The most durable roofing material: more than 100 years of working life.

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    Texture, shine, and beauty created by nature that cannot be imitated.

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    Slate maintenance is almost zero, which in the long run saves money.

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