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A Couple of Problems Roof Leaks Can Cause

When you own a home you are bound to run into problems with it here and there. Often times, they are not pressing, and you out it off until you have the time or the money to take care of it, but a roof leak is not one of them For sure it is a major inconvenience, but the longer you delay correction with a Mill Valley roofing repair service is only going to do your home and finances more harm than benefit.

Mold, Fungus, and Mildew

Water that invades your home through the roof will not only cause structural problems, but you should also be concerned about mold and mildew growth. The longer you allow a leak to linger around, the more time it has to spread and cause things like mold to develop. Not only is this a health and safety matter, but it could also cause problems to the electrical wiring and even cause a house fire.

Structural Roof Damage

The anatomy of your roof contains many components such as wood decking, trusses, rafters, etc. Most parts of made from wood and as most people are aware, wood and water do not mix well together. Wood will begin to soften the longer that moisture is able to permeate it, and will eventually fail to support the weight to hold your roof up. Avoid a dangerous situation like this altogether by calling for a Mill Valley roofer before your roof starts to leak.


While we have only touched upon a couple of the problems that can result from a leaky roof that is not repaired ASAP, there are still many others. The best preventative remedy is to request an assessment of your roof with a top-rated Mill Valley roofing service at least once a year.

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October 20, 2020
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