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Heat And Its Effect On Your Roof

Do you know how your roof has faired the intense summer heat so far? If you do not know the last time you had a local Ross roofer perform an inspection, now is a great time to get started! This time of the summer in California can be especially hard on your roof with the scorching dry heat, combined with strong winds from the afternoon pressure systems. It is astonishing how many home and property owners forget about roof repairs.

Keep readingto learn how heat can take its toll on your roof!!!

UV Deterioration

We are no strangers to ultraviolet rays in California with over 250 days of sunshine a year, and it is one of the many reasons that a lot of people love living here, and the ocean, of course. However, countless hours of direct sunlight day in and day out will degrade many roofing materials faster than it would in cloudier areas of the country, especially with older technology and 3-tab shingles. Over the years, the shingles may start to buckle, warp, or crack, allowing the wood decking underneath to be susceptible to wind-driven rain which we see a lot of!

Thermal Trauma

Simply put, this is the expansion and contraction process of roofing materials. It occurs when the intensity of ambient temperatures and continuous sunlight is followed by a rapid cooling process such as an afternoon thunderstorm, or even something as simple as the sun setting on a blazing hot day. As this expansion and contraction process repeats itself it puts considerable strain on the roof shingles. Older roofs will be more prone to cracking and buckling during this process, making all the more reason to get an inspection from a reliable Ross roofing company.

What Can You Do to Prevent Damage From The Summer Heat on Your Roof?

If you want to protect your roof from heat damage the most effective way is to start with high-quality roofing materials with exceptional durability. Low slope flat roofs can be coated with specific water-proofers that are also designed to reflect the UV rays from the roof thus keeping the building cooler and in return more energy efficient. Steep slope roofing systems can get shingles with cool roofing technology such as the GAF Timberline Cool Series, or a metal roof with UV reflective coatings. There are so many possibilities that we will save for another blog.


If you want to learn more about the effects of heat on your roof and what you can do to protect it our experts are here to assist you. We have years of experience in both residential and commercial roofing and have built countless relationships with home and business owners alike. Come see for yourself why we have grown to be the most trusted Ross roofing repair companies.

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August 31, 2020
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