Its really about you. Weve been satisfying roofing and gutter customers in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco Counties since 1973.

We have hundreds of homeowners whove been highly satisfied with our quality work, service and very competitive prices. Check out our Projects page to see some of our finished work!

Ken Cooper Roofing & Gutter Systems has the knowledge, experience and a customer-first approach to service for all of your roofing and gutter needs.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship, quality of materials, and professionalism in every job we do.

Our friendly staff, starting with founder and principal Ken Cooper, is ready and eager to reduce the natural anxiety you might experience when tackling such a large home reconstruction project. In fact, assuring your comfort is one of our top priorities. We want you to be as informed as possible when making your roofing or gutter system decisions.

Whether its selecting the right material, getting estimates or checking references, were here to provide you with honest answers to all your roofing questions.

Our reputation demands we do no less. Thats our commitment to you.
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